Lifestyle Vehicle by Dave & Matt Vans

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At Dave & Matt Vans they believe every van has a story — the customer’s story — and with their amazing camper van builds, they give you plenty of reasons why you should let them be a part of your van life story.

The main product offered by Dan & Matt Vans is the Lifestyle Vehicle. The Lifestyle Vehicle is built on a Dodge RAM Promaster chassis and is available in three sizes: the LV|36, the LV|59, and the LV|59X.

The founders, Dave and Matt, chose to build exclusively with the RAM Promaster for several reasons: it has a reliable engine, is front-wheel drive, has an excellent turning radius, is affordable, and is easy to maintain.

Dave and Matt had a goal of designing a camper van that has “everything you need for van life and nothing you don’t,” and they accomplished that with the Lifestyle Vehicle.

At the front of this van are two swivel seats. These seats are super functional and greatly increase the usability of the space. When rotated to face the living area, you can use the swing-arm table for dining or as a desk for work. The chairs can also be used as extra seating for guests.

Above the front seats is a storage space, and below the passenger seat is a heater which can run for 8 to 12 hours on just one cup of gas.

Behind the front seats is the kitchen and it’s quite impressive how much they are able to fit into a small space.

In the kitchen there are overhead cabinets for storage, a sizeable countertop, a sink with an electric pump, an extendable faucet with a pull-down sprayer, a custom spice rack, a swing-arm table constructed of maple butcher block, five push-lock drawers (so they will stay shut when you are driving around), a mini fridge with a small freezer compartment, a 7-gallon fresh water tank, and a 7-gallon gray water tank.

In the living space there is a double storage bench for additional storage and seating. Single storage benches are also available and you can choose to have a portable travel toilet or a composting toilet hidden inside.

Additional options available for the living space are removable rear seats, and a collapsible rinse station. The rinse station allows you to use the extendable faucet in the kitchen as a shower and includes a collapsible shower basin, a drain through the bottom of the van, a shower curtain, and a heating element for hot water.

Behind the living space is the sleeping area which has a short, queen size mattress on a platform bed system, LED lighting with a dimmer switch, and USB wall ports. There’s plenty of space beneath the bed for storage and additional cabinets can be installed above the bed.

The ceiling, floor, and walls of the cabin are fully insulated. The interior walls are finished with Blue Stain Beetle-Kill pine wood paneling and the floor is covered in waterproof laminate flooring.

On the roof of the camper van is a 160-watt solar panel.

For more information on Dave & Matt Vans’ Lifestyle Vehicle, including a breakdown of the standard and optional features, visit them on the web. They are very transparent in their pricing and have a Van Builder on the site which allows you to customize your van and get pricing on the spot.

For a tour of the Lifestyle Vehicle, check out the video below.

Credits: Images and video via Dave & Matt Vans.

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