The Nugget by Modern Tiny Living

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The 12-foot Nugget by Modern Tiny Living is a traveler’s dream!

Tucked inside of 102 square feet of space is almost everything you need for a comfortable getaway on the road.

The Nugget weighs approximately 4,500 lbs. The home has a metal roof that comes with a 40-year warranty, and the exterior is finished with pine siding. According to the builder, this home is designed to last 70 years thanks to the use of premium materials and the level of craftwork that went into its construction.

Because this is a micro home, the floor plan is very simple.

When you enter the home, to your left you will find a kitchenette, to your right is the bathroom, and straight ahead is the bedroom/living area. There is vinyl flooring throughout the space.

The kitchen area, while compact, still feels spacious. It has a long, hickory butcher block countertop, large single bowl sink with a copper faucet, and a generous amount of base cabinets and drawers. Under the counter is also a mini refrigerator.

Above the countertop is a single open shelf, as well as an open shelf that wraps around the entire kitchen and bedroom/living area.

A microwave and portable stove are not included, but there are enough outlets and plenty countertop space for them to be brought in.

What also helps the home to feel spacious is the abundance of large windows that bring in a lot of natural light.

The pocket door to the bathroom provides privacy without taking up additional space.

In the bathroom, there is a composting toilet, a 30-inch by 30-inch shower, and open shelving which can be used for d├ęcor or to hold toiletries.

The bedroom/living area holds a full size bed and there are several open shelves above it as well as drawers built in beneath it.

Best of all, this micro home can be equipped with a full off-grid package. Included in the package are a 100-gallon fresh water tank with a 12-volt pump, propane tankless water heater, solar panels and batteries, inverter and converter, and a propane heater.

For more information on the Nugget, visit Modern Tiny Living on the web.

Credits: Images via Modern Tiny Living.

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